Giusto in tempo!

14364771_10154969555701490_6339951153611250884_nHello! You are probably here because you have an odd Italian partner, friend or neighbour, or maybe because you became a little obsessed with the pronunciation of cappuccino after travelling to Italy and no one gets you, or you daydream about visiting Italy and getting a picture in a piazza, eating pizza and lot of things with a double z….or just because you love la dolce vita.

This blog was born in London, has survived some travels and troubles and now is live from Napoli. Welcome to my not-so-glamorous Life with and Italian!

Here are some of the most popular posts to get you started:

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Our first trip together and the prostitutes

How to find a flat in Naples in 9 easy(?) steps

Reasons to break up 

The water insanity

12 Things you should know before dating a Colombian girl


How not to date an Italian man and fail fabulously


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