The BIG news

So, I have just been absent for a very long few months but I have got a good pair reasons.

First, internet in Italy sucks! or at least it sucked on us because we tried with three different internet provider companies just to cancel them after a while because they were taking so much damn time to get us connected and now, after two and a half months we finally got internet at home with Linkem (yeah, being more explicit, TIM and Fastweb suck, if you’re looking for an internet provider in Italy don’t try them).

And the second reason is that I got married! Yep, super happy but so sorry for not being able to post here while it was happening, but is all  because we only had a couple of months to find a flat in Naples, buy everything from lamps to teaspoons, arrange a wedding , learn a little bit of Italian and plan the trip of everyone of our friends and family that decided to travel from far to join us on our wedding day.

I thought things would be easier in my ‘Life with an Italian’ but I was damn wrong. Craziness has just began.


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