Only in Italy

Hello from Italy! The place country of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, the country of wine and one of the best cuisines in the world, also the place where a lot of crazy things happen, and no, as much as they would like to say that it could happen anywhere else in the world, these things can only happen in Italy.

Weird shit that happens only in Italy

  • Went once to a walking tour with Vince, his sister and friends. While we were walking on our way to another historical place, an old man stopped and asked me if I lived here. I was too confused to reply, so my boyfriend did it for me -‘Yes, we live here’, to what the old man replied, ‘And in which neighbourhood?’. Whaaaaat? Why would you want to ask such a horrible thing?

  • Maybe it’s because they think that you might have Ebola, but Italians will always throw you the change and never give it in your hand, and then you have to spend all those little seconds picking up coins from the bar… I told you, only in Italy.

  • If you are getting married but don’t serve your guest a little bag with sweeten almonds is like you never got married. Also if you get graduated and don’t give everyone the same bag with the same sweets, is like you never even went to a single class in your life. Same with Christianities, same with First Communions. Reading a bit about it, internet says that this comes from a Roman tradition which says that sweet almonds help fertility. So that makes a lot of sense. Not.


  • Eating fruit after lunch and dinner. This can be a bit too much for the averall person that comes to Italy as a tourist and wants to try a propper Italian meal, so has an antipasto, then primo piatto, secondo piatto, and then when is just about to explode, but before the coffee and dessert, comes a plate full of colorful fruit. Is this the trick for Italians to live for so many years? Because I will die young then.

  • You probably knew this before, but my dad didn’t, and opened his eyes wide open when I told him: Italian men kiss each other in the cheeks, as they do with women. I think this is simply awesome. Kisses all around. Nothing weird about that. At least not to me.

  • Elevators. Have you ever seen an elevator in an old movie? Yep, that’s how lifts are here. You need to open the door from outside, then the door from inside, press the button and close the doors. When you get to your floor repeat the same steps. Makes me feel like all the time like in a black and white movie..

  • If you come to Italy, stay in a small hotel and breakfast is included, don’t think they’re being cheap by serving you coffee and a biscuit for breakfast. That’s actually what Italians have for breakfast. Also, if you want to order a coffee with milk, don’t say ‘Latte’ as I did the other time, because like they did to me, they’ll just bring you a big glass of milk (?!) Because ‘latte’ means milk, who would’ve known that you’ve been drinking latte for so many years and making your best to pronounce it as Italian as possible and in Italy it means something else than coffee and milk? so just order a ‘capuccino’.

  • And by the way, a coffee here is always an espresso. I can’t remember seeing an americano here, I think it just doesn’t exists. So don’t panic if you ask for a coffee and get a cup with just two drops of coffee, because it will be so strong, that is actually the maximum amount of caffeine that your body can take, because when I take it double I usually start felling like there’s a cat frenetically trying to escape from a shower that is happening in my chest. Hope is not my little heart.
This cup is really the size of a toenail 
  • There’s an awesome thing in Napoli called Taraluccio. Is a a kind of breadstick with almonds and pepper. I love it, eating taralucci is my new hobby. Who could create such a geanious work of art for your mouth? Or maybe just Italians could think of mixing almonds and pepper.


  • Me: ‘How is it possible that you can’t find a restaurant with a soup on their menu? I’ve been to many countries and this is the only place in the world where I can’t find a soup. I want one badly. Is winter time, time for soup’.

        Vince: ‘What kind of people would go to a restaurant and order a soup…?’

Can you relate to any of these? Have you discovered another one? Please share ❤


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