Moving to Italy…Yikers!

For some reason, the time in Colombia felt more as a holiday than what reality is like….like for instance, it felt nice and reality, not so much. So we decided to move to Italy, why not? it sounded just about fair with Vince as he spent almost four months in Colombia travelling, going out, eating my mom’s home made food, having a swim everyday under the sun…Poor him!

Love this pic taken in San Andres island, but never really saw that woman in the back that looks like is about to pee


So, moving to Italy. I always dreamt of it as those kind of dreams that you have but are unreachable, such as winning the lottery, visiting Mars, going to a Door’s concert, visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… But I never really thought of Italy until I started learning Italian in uni, then in one class we watched Under the Tuscan sun and that’s when I began to dream of being miserable and a recently divorced woman who needs a change and has nothing to loose so goes on a gay tour to Italy. I am sure you have dreamt about it too.

So, some thoughts about moving before I actually did..


Thoughts about moving to Italy

  • How are we supposed to find a flat that is not 500 years old?


  • How will I know which pasta goes with each sauce?


  • How will I learn to cook artichokes and aubergines?


  • Living with the in-laws?


  • What if Vincenzo’s cat still hates me and wakes me up at 4AM everyday, like on the last holidays?


  • My hair. Naples is super humid, and my hair knows it. Once I get out of the plane, I start looking like the Lion King. Note to self:”Give up on your hair”


  • I have to say, I’m also thinking about the weather, because as good as Italian weather can be, compared to London, being in Colombia makes the rest of the world feel like Alaska.


  • Everything is slow except for cars. Driving in Italy is insane. Cars go way beyond their speed limit and don’t seem to have an apparent direction. Seriously humans? Who taught you to drive like that?! Note to self: “Learn to drive like a nutter”


  • What about the language? I need to stop talking Italian like a five year old… and then learn Neapolitan…and a bit of Pomiglianese to communicate with V’s grandmother… another language to add?


  • On the bright side: Food! Yum! Absolutely love Italian food, but will my poor body be able to tolerate all the mozzarella di buffala that I’m gonna fit in my mouth? in my life?


And something to add (or to substract): no flat, no job, huge luggages, no winter clothes, but lots of motivation!…  Napoli, future home, here we come!




4 thoughts on “Moving to Italy…Yikers!

  1. Okay, firstly, you need to realise that you are not moving to Italy, you are moving to Napoli. It’s basically a whole other world!
    Secondly, you will never learn which pasta shapes go with which pasta sauce but you will soon learn that you do not care. I put fusili with everything while smiling happily at my (appalled) Italian friends and refuse to eat any kind of spaghetti.

    I live in Sulmona, Abruzzo, a few hours from Napoli. I’ll be down that way at the beginning of February, so if you’re there let me know. If not, let me know when you arrive and how you feel. 🙂

    In bocca al lupo 😉


    1. They will be! What an interesting place Italy is, just need to reconnect and catch up a bit in WP after a long disappearance.
      Gotta visit your blog to get in the right track of expats in Italy:)


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