#Skyporn or the crazy camera woman on the plane

Last week we took a tiny little plane from the airport in the middle of Medellin to take us to the west, the rainforest by the Pacific coast. I know you are probably here while you procrastinate, reading rubbish until you decide to actually do what you have to do, but hey, what if you learn something new today? You’d be able to sound smart next time you’re having a conversation with travelers, so why not:

Colombian is, as many other countries, home of the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world. It comes all the way from the south of the continent, up to the south of Colombia where it splits in three and runs throughout the rest of the country. The branch located on the west is the responsible for making the Pacific coast, one of the wettest places on earth, and the reason is simple: Humidity is pushed from the ocean to inside the continent, but the mountains won’t let them get in, and it stays there and rains like heck.

All this story, just to say that the flight in that tiny little plane was one of the most beautiful flights i have had in my life. Even though it scared the shit out of me, because turbulence was horrific, the view from the plane was awesome. So I decided to create for you a little #Skyporn on WordPress.

Mountains, mountains, mountains
A river cutting through the mountains
Another river
A little village by the river
12025693_10154136966621490_727718966_o (1)
A town at the top of a mountain
If you ever wondered what a jungle looks like from a plane
Finally the sea!
That tiny island
The coast in front
The town: Bahia Solano
One word for our plane: tiny
One word for our plane: tiny
And on the way back after holidays, Bahia Solano with low tide
The Atrato river and a lake that looks like from outer space
I want to be a cloud!
Medellin from the west
The city centre
This is what happens when you fall asleep :P
The deepest sleep in the world: The plane is about to crash with heavy  turbulence, I’m almost having a stroke, and he’s dreaming with sheep. Vince, you deserve this 😛

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