A trip to the Pacific: The good

Vincenzo landed in Colombia a week ago after a 20 hours trip: Naples-Rome-Madrid-Bogota-Medellin, what a champ.

The last time we saw each other was almost two months ago when we said goodbye in cold London, and I was afraid I would never see him again so I added a little extra to push him to come: a trip to the Pacific.

So he landed completely exhausted, and 30 hours later we were heading to the Colombian Pacific coast, a wild jungle next to the sea, home of the most beautiful treasures of nature and of course, the biggest corruption in the country.

The airport is definitely something to remember. No pavement, just two check-in counters, cows next to the airport. What a beauty!

View of the landing strip
View from outside the airport and the local cabs
Spot the tourist! That's the airport VIP lunge ;)
Spot the tourist! That’s the airport VIP lunge 😉

When we arrived in Bahia Solano, there was a super laid back guy waiting for us and took us to the “port” where Julian, the owner of the hotel, was waiting for us. We then got on a boat and after something like half an hour, we got to heaven.

Life's a beach #beach#pacific#sea#colombia

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Sunset from our room #sunset#nofilter#beach

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A full beach just to ourselves, the doggies that watched out for us at night and some tiny little crabs.



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These beaches were nothing like I’ve seen before, the sand in the Pacific is dark, there’s a waterfall coming from the mountain and finishing in the sea every couple of meters, the sea is also dark and its animals are huge! Hence the reason why we chose it:

The most precious moments in life. Mother and son #humpback#whale

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The best moments of the trip have no pictures to show, toucans, birds and flying fishes were impossible to capture. How a friend says, ‘Mental shots’ were the only ones we could take, specially when we were swimming close to a whale and its baby in the Utria cove.

Posing for a picture while I spotted two whales behind us on the cove.
Posing for a picture while I spotted two whales behind us on the cove.

A trip to remember!


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