A trip to the Pacific: The bad and the ugly

Like the movie, every single journey has ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ otherwise it would be unexciting and dull. So in this story we had the little red crabs, the wild toucans, the whales swimming near to us, the dreamy beaches: The good….I mean, the great! And for the rest:

We knew that we were travelling to one the wettest places in the world but we weren’t prepared for The Bad. After the second day on our holiday, Vincenzo thought it was a great idea to dare the gods: ‘I thought it would be raining all the time but look, is not that bad, it just rained for five minutes since we arrived here’. And then it happened.

Just after a couple of hours after saying it, a hellish thunderstorm began, pissing rain from the sky like the Niagara falls, while we were in our bed trying to fall asleep. The sky was always lighted as there were thunders striking trees every five minutes and the rain was so heavy, that I was sure that every single living creature in the rainforest was killed immediately, even all the mosquitoes that had bitten us during the day, so as awesome as it can be to get your mosquito revenge, what’s the point of thinking about revenge WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE? Our cabin would slide with the rain and we would end up in the same place with the dead mosquitoes.

The beginning of a storm, from our window.

So we started praying to the gods, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, the ones from the trees and the gods from theatre to let us survive that rain that came to take us, and who would’ve thought that we would buy plane tickets to the place were we would actually die? We should have stayed in London! But it was too late for regrets so we thought, this might be the last time we hug, so we hugged and kissed, preparing for death like that old couple in Titanic, hugging in bed while the musicians played and the ship gradually sank.

We could only hear the waves breaking near us, the thunders, the rain like never before, but after a seven hours storm, like at five in the morning, it actually stopped raining. We thought, yes! bring the champagne because we want to celebrate life! and we went outside just to find the clothes we left outside to dry, completely wet, but who cares! and we saw as well the doggies from the hotel that had spent the whole night by our door protecting us, so sweet. We didn’t sleep a single minute that night but we were happy to have survived.

We then went to get some breakfast with the locals who said that storm was super mild compared to others, so apparently The pretty bad was completely normal there.

After the storm, we moved to another beach were the humpback turtles make their nests. I don’t want to get to much into details but The ugly came in this new hotel, where we shared our bedroom with a tarantula looking spider and a cockroach, both outrageously humongous, while hearing tiny little mice eating our crackers, followed by a rat that was definitely bigger than a French poodle. Yuck!

We spent few hours in that horror movie until I grew up a good pair of balls and courage to get out of my bed and went running to get some help. A guy from the staff came to the room and filled our crackers with poison while we drank a midnight beer at the bar. We came back to our room after an hour and there were no more crackers from the three packs that were left with poison. Seemed like the entire jungle came to eat our crackers because we didn’t hear a single noise after that. We managed to sleep for few hours and the next night had another one of those ‘mild storms’.

As sanity challenging as these things were, The good, the bad and the ugly, are the reasons why we will always remember these holidays.


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