A month in paradise

Finally, the end of August! If you’ve been following up ze blog, then you probably know that Vince and I decided to leave London for good (or at least that was the plan originally)… So we sold our stuff, gave back the keys from the flat, packed some very heavy boxes and said goodbye to our friends and the UK. V is at the moment spending some time with his family and friends in Italy while I’m spending some time with My Family and My Friends in Colombia. Heaven.

At first I thought that this was going to be ‘it’ for our relationship. The end. Finito. Caput! But actually being away has been good for us as he doesn’t need to deal with all my usual insanity, plus the extra one of getting used to live here once again. Also, I needed a break from pasta, and instead I’m having a very healthy diet based on fried pork belly and chorizo, which are our national favourites.

It has been a month already since we’re away, but still 10 days to go, can’t wait any longer. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even remember his face any more, and feel terrified of the idea of picking him up at the airport but kissing someone else instead, like ‘Oh sorry! I thought you were Vince, is just that you have a nose and a beard and so does he…’.

Look at all this doggies they look so happy, and so am I. Love you Cesar, and also the man that dubs his voice in Spanish.
But the biggest fear of all, has something to do with the fact that he loves missing his flights, like that time that we were going to have our first trip together and he missed the flight, or that time that he didn’t wake up on time… Every time I start thinking about it I get so stressed, that I must turn on the TV and watch as many episodes as possible of Dog Whisperer because Cesar Millan is the only person in the world able to calm dogs down and at the same time, me.

Forget citronella, forget tequila. This is a stress-free gold mine. I don’t have a dog, I don’t want a dog, but I could still watch this for days. Only his fans could understand the feeling.

My city decided to get way more interesting now that my boyfriend is not here yet, and get completely normal and boring by the time he arrives. Medellin in august had 10 ten days of nonstop party in the Flower Festival, then we had the Blue’s Festival, Scenic Arts Festival, The International Festival of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Medellin and soon the big reopening of the Modern Arts Museum (MAMM) which is also my beloved neighbour. If you want to see how my city looks like, I found for you a great quality video without all those weird and excited voices of the typical promotional videos here.

This month I have spent a lot of nights dancing my ass off with my friends, have also spent some time in our house in the country, picking up avocados and lemons and drinking coffee with my grandma while listening to her favourite tangos. Celebrated my birthday gypsy-style for more than a week just because, even if I come here every year, I didn’t manage to celebrate my birthday at home in eight long years. Been by the swimming pool every day taking a healthy dose of Vitamin D and have had a lot of quality chats with mom and dad, while eating ice cream and watching the sunset. Even if it sounds all very hippie… August, you’ve been awesome!

This is dad modeling his pjs fot the pic, picking lemons

2 thoughts on “A month in paradise

  1. Cesar Milan! I ♥ the Dog Whisperer! I never missed a show when I was back in the states.

    You are the first Colombian blogger (that visited my site) that I know of, and you had me at fried pork belly and chorizo!


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