About the blog

Hello! You are probably here because you have an Italian partner who is weird, or a partner from anywhere around the world who is weird, or because you are single and your life is weird…or just because you like pizza.

This blog is basically about all the things that come to a woman’s mind when their boyfriend buys 5Kg of pasta or talks about Maradona (Weird!). If you ever wondered what’s going though your girlfriend’s mind, then this blog might give you a hint. But this blog is simply for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, and could feel identified with these stories, because hopefully you went through the same and yet, you can’t stop laughing of all the crazy things your partner does, like I do. (but maybe not just quite, because this is a highly storm-ish, paranoid and hysterical version).

I was born in Medellin, Colombia and no, we don’t all live in coffee plantations or in trees and have monkeys for pets and yes, we have internet and highways. My city is a wonderful place to live, surrounded by beautiful mountains and the shiniest metro I’ve ever seen. Since I was a kid I was always into arts, played the violin in a couple of orchestras and got involved in few plays at a local theatre called Hora 25 (make sure you visit it if you’re in town) and loved nature and travelling.

While in uni, decided to travel and study English abroad. Had been before to the US and loved roller coasters, but wasn’t too sure about living there. Australia? too far from home, same as South Africa…. so England! home of the Queen and tea with biscuits! Went to England and one thing led to another, I stayed there for a lot longer than previously planned. I lived the crazy London life until I met my Italian boyfriend and now, craze is the same but life has changed.

Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it” GGM


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