Our first trip together and the prostitutes

After we were dating for only a month, a very good friend of mine from Colombia, sent me an email telling me that he was travelling to Italy for a month. Oh the joy! I had missed my friend so much, and would book my tickets to get to see him in Italy as soon as possible and we would travel around together.. .unexpected holidays!

When I told my boyfriend, he wasn’t too excited about me, going on holidays with another man that he didn’t know, so he offered me to meet him somewhere in between. We decided to choose a place where we had never been before and also far from the beach, as it was the start of December. We chose the north! Our first trip would be to Copenhagen!

I was so thrilled! But his friends weren’t. I can still remember the look in their faces when we told them about me, having some holidays with another man in their country, the land of passion and romance, and after meeting their good friend Vincenzo, in the land of Christmas.

Regardless of all this, my now boyfriend, never said anything against my plans. And so the day came and I departed to Venice to meet my friend. It was so exciting to meet him thousands of miles away from home! But Venice was so incredible cold, that we had to move to the South. We went then to Bologna, Florence and we said goodbye in Rome, where I took the train to the airport to fly to Denmark. All smooth. Not.

On the train I got a call from Vincenzo, who was still in London (!!) telling that he had lost his flight. Unbelievable! it was our first trip together and he rather sleep thirty more minutes than to take his flight to meet me. I was heartbroken and he was desperate. There were no more flights to Copenhagen from that airport so he would have to go to a different airport. He asked me to wait for him a bit longer and promise to arrive by the end of the day.

So I took my flight and arrived to the city centre, couldn’t believe Copenhagen had a better temperature than Venice! Walked around for a while and did a little sightseeing but my mood didn’t get any better. I thought to myself “What should I do to get my mood up before he gets here?” There was only one way to do it: I went into a gay pub and drank a pint of every single beer they had, and of course, more than tipsy, I was happy as a clam by the time he came to pick me up at the pub 🙂

We then went to leave our bags to the place where we would spend the weekend, and we went out: there was a party with a couple of DJs that I was always dying to see live, and they were going to play in a club that was a meat market during the day, weird!

When we got to the party we realised we were the only ones not in a suit or dress and high heels. We just went to dance, and were not aware of how dressed up are Danish when going to a party. Anyway, they let us in, and there was a samba show inside, followed by a man dancing while taking out his clothes on the spotlight to be later removed by the bouncers. Bizarre… People would come to talk to us all the time, guess we looked a bit exotic for a local club. We then danced to the guys of the Drop Out Orchestra and after went to eat the best kebab in town.

When we were walking back to our room, we saw a bar in a basement and decided to get a ‘last drink’. We were so ecstatic, everything was so perfect, the lights, the music, the …. bar? when we finished our drinks we fell down from the cloud we were in and started to look around. The lights were actually pretty dodgy and the place was full of women, slutty Thai women, and lots of old men in suits…Hahaha! it was a Thai brothel!

We don’t have a single picture of the trip, but a lot of mental shots of the Thai prostitutes, a holiday to remember …

Life with an italian


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