Time to bounce!

Yes please!

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Ciao amigos!

This is a very emotional post, as we have taken the decision to leave London, but hopefully not forever.

I have to admit that I’m scared like shit! But I guess it’s normal, after all, when I moved here, I was 21, all my belongings fitted in only one big luggage and I had nothing to lose. But after so many years living here, I have grown a few big fat roots that make this process couple up with deep nostalgia.

And sure, I am super happy of having the chance of finally saying ‘Sayonara!’ to some lame-brained policies, the grey British weather, the super chaotic tube on rush hours, the extra heavy hair-killing water, and RODENTS! which thankfully, I do not have in my flat, but – correct me if I’m wrong – facts state that you’re never more than a meter away from a mouse or rat in London. YUCK!

Spot the mouse! #underground #station #mouse #london

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But I am going to miss London for all the beautiful people that I met here and more than friends, became my family.

The little birdies singing in the park.

‘The pints of lager in a pub with mates’.

The endless bottles of rose wine in a park during sunny days.

Walking along Regent’s canal.

Summer in London at 9.30pm -endless sunlight❤️ #canal#angel#london

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Holland park and the squirrels.

The place to be:) #garden#hollandpark

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The Southbank

Sunset at southbank #london#xmas#londoneye

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Eventually having a song from the Rolling Stones played almost every time I go to a bar.

The people, who just most of the time don’t give a damn about stuff, but have a huge heart.

Vintage shops, records shops, home decor shops…. and taxidermy shops? they’re just so creepy and scary…. and awesome.

Notting hill and the carnival!

#spring in #nottinghill 🌸🍃

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Winter Wonderland.

English breakfast tea with biscuits.

And sunsets.

Sunset in hammersmith #thames #london #summer

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For all these reasons I love London and will always be part of me.

For now, I am not feeling much of a nomad myself, but will live to learn. Hopefully will get to see you all before I leave…. And let the countdown begin!


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