The water insanity

Picture this:

We bought some tickets for a mini break in Barcelona last November, where we would be staying at Alessia’s place. She’s a friend of my boyfriend that I hadn’t met by then. And because she was going to host us, I thought I should ask…

Me: You know your friend well, what should we get for her?

V: Ferrarelle!

Me: Seriously? You want to bring her a bottle of water as a present?!

My boyfriend had just discovered a company that imported Italian products to the UK and delivered them home, which he used to buy only one thing: Water.

On his own words, not only water but ‘naturally sparkling water, taken from the springs of a volcano, which makes the bubbles so tiny that is not even appropriate to call it sparkling, but should actually be call effervescent‘. Or in Italian, ‘effervescente’, pronounced  ‘effervessshhhentee’ with a very long sshhh to accentuate how pleasurable the water is…

If you have been lucky enough to visit Italy for holidays, you must had been able to see that water, wine and coffee play a very important role at the dinning table. So you must be thinking, ‘Oh well, the guy is Italian, then is normal to be a little bit selective with the water’. But this is different! we are talking about a guy that thought that bringing a bottle of water to a friend that he hasn’t seen for over a year, would be a great present!

So I thought it was outrageous and should share the story with some friends of ours that came for dinner that same night to our place. They were all Italians, but from different cities. I started the story with ‘Can you believe what happened today….’? Just to take it back later, because they all started a conversation that lasted a couple of hours where the subject was how much they loved Ferrarelle. Plop!

Never underestimate the value of a bottle of water.

Life with an Italian


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