How not to date an Italian man and fail fabulously

I promised to myself never to date an Italian, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. London is full of Italians, there were some before, but after the economic crisis in most of Europe, the streets are packed with men with big brown eyes, tough beards and strong accents. In history their reputation of gallants preceded them, but now I was able to presence it by myself, basically, everywhere I went. Italians are simply damn good at seduction.

I used to consider myself a very independent woman. Very energetic and radical about my thoughts, which were a bit too influenced by feminism, but hey, who could blame me? Is not that, what young people do? So me and my ‘women power’ thoughts, used to see Italians like the antichrist of feminism: guys that believe they can do whatever they want with women just by chatting them up. But eventually I had to accept that all guys do, is just that is way easier for Italians to do it, because of their looks and ways.

But seriously! Why are women so stupid? Falling for guys that just want to have fun with them… it should be otherwise! There are countless stories of girls in London that fell for it. And they all share the same stages.

Stage 1

Boy sees girl. Falls in love with her and approaches her.

Stage 2

Boy talks to her, she can hear the passion in his loving words. And falls for him

Stage 3

When she falls for him, boy turns his passion and loving words to a different girl with a deep cleavage. And repeat.

I know what you are thinking, not all of them are the same and I knew that, I just happened to know a lot of Italians that would change girlfriend as often as underwear, which was incredibly difficult for them to keep on. And the proof of that, is a whole generation of Italian women that are someway tougher than the rest, and it might be because they became incredulous about love. They fall in love but is just not that easy to win their hearts, probably because they developed a defiant ear to sweet talk.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have anything against Italians, but they were ‘just not my cup of tea’, despite all my crazy girlfriends’ opinion, that were looking to convince me that Italians were the best cooks, best lovers, best boyfriends and so on… I avoided Italian men like chocolate chips biscuits while on a diet. They were out there and tempting, but my will was stronger! Until one day I fell for one…

How not to? Everyone is different, I tried so hard not to fall for stereotypes, and I am definitely far from being the stereotype of the Colombian woman myself. So i had to give it a go. And from the day I joined the club of benefits of having an Italian boyfriend, I must admit that is bigger than the list of the negative qualities that I previously knew about them.

I have been crazy in love since… but living together is a complete adventure.

Life with an Italian


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