About the Language

In times of uni, I was forced to get a third language to get a degree. Ideally it would be French (the most commonly spoken), Portuguese (because of Brazil’s economical growth), Mandarin (for the same economic reasons in China) or Russian and German, just because I liked them. But as I was running out of time, I thought I should choose a language similar to Spanish, and that’s when I started learning `Italian’ and, boy was I mistaken! Because yes, it could be a bit similar, but no, it wasn’t easier at all.

I studied it for a while, but that was ages ago! Also for the last seven years I have only spoken in English and Spanish, and now I am even making grammatical mistakes in Spanish, how is that even possible? Anyways, when me and my boyfriend decided to go on holidays to my beloved Colombia, we spent so much time with my mum, that eventually my boyfriend could clearly speak Spanish, and not as an Italian thinking that he can speak Spanish, but more like one that actually does… Well, more like a Colombian…

So when we were back in London, we decided that it was time for me to learn Italian once again, as I had already forgotten it. It`s been so many years since I left uni! –…not too many, I am not that old! – But it didn’t work as planned: he is so happy speaking `Colombian’ that he just doesn’t pronounce a single word of Italian when he`s around me, but I have found my way to learn it anyhow.

The Italian language that I wanted to mention is not that one anyway, is the infamous Italian Sign Language, because if you have ever seen an Italian talk, you have seen that there are two things happening there simultaneously, because they can`t stop moving their hands while talking. I thought that it was like a boxing fight, but with time, I learnt that it was more like a tango choreography, every movement has a different meaning, just like the Sign Language. So there’s a sign to end, to eat, to go, and stuff. Basically we have been living together for almost one year and I still haven’t learnt those signs, not even one! so sadly, I don’t even know the difference between the signs to keep it going or stopping: I choose to keep it going, especially when serving wine but hey, a little bit more wine will never kill you 😉

Life with an Italian


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